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Make yourself at home
Make yourself at home
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This news might have you saying...Really !?!?


Police in Ohio said a couple broke into a home, washed their clothes, then showered and fixed themselves some coffee before robbing the place last Monday.


Luckily, a nearby family member of the homeowner confronted the couple with a gun and held them at gunpoint till the cops arrived.


Police said they found a computer, credit cards, car keys and jewelry from the home in the truck that belonged to the couple.


If, and when, this couple decides to rob again, they should think about a bank so they can open an account, deposit the money, apply for a loan, get some free coffee and schmooze with the VP while they are there.


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  •  Fred wrote 205 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Really !?!?
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  •  Liz_Saldana wrote 205 Days Ago (neutral) 
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  •  NeilHollander wrote 204 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Let me guess . Democrats ?

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