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05.13.2022 (324 days ago)

Maggie's Graduation

Maggie's Graduation
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Neither of my parents graduated high school and my mother made it a priority that I attend college. She acted as if she hit the lottery when I graduated law school :)

I graduated Syracuse University in 1963, Joanne attended for 2 years before coming home as prelude to our marriage and our son Alex graduated in 1993. 

One might say that orange blood courses through our veins. 

And today we drive up to Syracuse to celebrate granddaughter Maggie’s graduation.  She is so beautiful, talented, funny, unique, sweet, smart and courageous!  Needless to say, she makes us very proud!

She is the proverbial cherry on the top!

PS And Joanne gets to buy a Syracuse sweatshirt at Manny’s :)

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