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Leaving On A Jet Plane

Leaving On A Jet Plane
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Have you been on an airplane since March 2020? We flew to Florida over Labor Day weekend. Beside my usual flying anxiety (which has been discussed in many other blogs), I was additionally apprehensive due to all the news articles concerning unruly passengers and those that refused to wear masks. Our experience on both flights, however, was pleasant and enjoyable.


Other than a few people who, while at the departure gate kept their mask around their chin while holding a soda and took a sip of their soda when asked to pull their mask up, almost everyone was courteous and happy to properly abide by the mask rules, covering both nose and mouth. We were traveling with a baby and most people politely kept their distance.


 We did learn one new fact. While most airports will let people preboard with children under two, Orlando airport will not. As the ticket agent announced at the gate, “This is Disney, everyone has children.”


 Have you flown since the beginning of the pandemic? What has been your experience?

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