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June Jubilee

June Jubilee
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This month is full of jubilee. If you’re working to make strides in life and business, try focusing purely on relationships for the month of June. Everyone I’ve been in touch with this month, just wants laughter, hugs and new memories. Employers, if you’re looking for productivity, you’ll find it in the fall, only with more charm and delight. If you allow your teams to celebrate after a long 20 months of sad isolation, you’ll be in good graces. This is the business of the human spirit. Fear has gripped us long enough. We aren’t forgetting, we’re remembering. Employees, be respectful of the freedoms and remain committed to employers, clients, customers and responsibilities, but do celebrate togetherness. The Beatles said it best. More relationship advances have occurred on the golf course this month, than any I can remember. Do exercise, do eat right, love yourself and most of all, love thy neighbor. Remain aware, but get busy livin’. Have you found the same?

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