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It's Coming

It's Coming
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Costco. I have learned that it’s one of those places that either you love it or you hate it. My husband and I love it. Although, those that know us will, undoubtedly, say that no one loves Costco more than my husband. And they would be correct. In fact, when my husband met my college roommate for the first time they immediately bonded, not because they are both medical professions but, rather, through their love of Costco.


Having had four children in the house the large size of products available at Costco was very convenient for us. But, to me, the quality of their product was always top rate. Their seafood and produce are always fresh. And I love the unexpected bargains I invariably find. On my last visit, I purchased a beautiful Andrew Marc down jacket for $39.00. My assessment of the jacket was immediately confirmed by my youngest daughter who not only loved it but took it back with her to school in Buffalo.


And now, to the delight of some but the anger of others, Costco is coming to my town. My husband is thrilled. I’m concerned that we may have to retain a bankruptcy attorney. Wink


What about you? Would you want Costco near you? Costco, yay or nay?


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