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05.14.2022 (701 days ago)

In Person

In Person
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Last Wednesday was a treat for me. It was the last class I taught for the present cohort of students through the entrepreneurship program at Hofstra. 


It was a treat because we met in person! After 40+ hours of teaching online, I finally got to meet everyone face to face. It was so uplifting being in the room with these budding entrepreneurs, feeling the energy that we, as humans, give to one another when we are face to face.


It felt so alive. I had forgotten what it was like to teach in person. 


Unfortunately, now that COVID seems to be back again, the next class may still be online. I am hoping it's in person...there's nothing like it!

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I can totally relate, Mitch. Unfortunately, it is now politically correct to say that on-line is "as good as" or equal to in person, whether in teaching, Gotham meetings or anything else. I disagree. I think, instead, that it is a practical arrangement we have made to stay healthy. I still think that faces are better than pixels

Posted By : Janet Sullivan