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I am Full

I am Full
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My younger children were home from college this week. And I have to admit that, for us, family time is all about food.



My daughter came home first last Monday night from Buffalo. Instead of coming home from the airport, we went straight to the “all you can eat” sushi restaurant in my town. Apparently, you can’t get good sushi in Buffalo.



My stepson came home on Tuesday from Binghamton. He got home at about 6:00 and by 6:30 we were at a Mexican restaurant. Apparently, good Mexican food is in short supply in Binghamton.



Wednesday, I took the day off from work to spend the day with my daughter. That meant shopping (translation- I bought her clothing) and out to lunch. As, I decided not to work on Wednesday I, of course, also had to make dinner. And, since everyone was home, I tried to make everyone’s favorite dish. So our pre-Thanksgiving small intimate family dinner became a mini feast.



Thursday was Thanksgiving. Enough said. On Friday, since we were still recovering from Thanksgiving I decided to make a “small” breakfast; chocolate chip waffles and bacon. At least the bacon was turkey bacon, to add a healthy aspect to the week.



Saturday was a delicious good-bye dinner at The Capital Grille and Sunday they went back to school. So, if I look a little drained to you it must be because I am trying to detox from my food coma. Although, Sunday night is Hanukkah and that means matzoh ball soup, potato pancakes, jelly doughnuts . . .



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