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03.12.2023 (12 days ago)

Highway Blues

Highway Blues
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I enjoy driving.  My vehicle offers amenities; most important beyond a safe vehicle include the sun roof and cars to my entire musical library. The makes for an enjoyable experience, barring traffic conditions.  And that gets to the point: the so many drivers who make driving a less enjoyable. 

if you do any of this, please stop:


*weaving in and around other cars at higher speeds

*racing to the end of an entrance ramp causing traffic to come to a dead halt instead of gradually easing in to the existing flow of traffic

*not allowing a car to change lanes in the flow of traffic by needlessly racing ahead

*driving too slow

You might add one or more of your own.

If any "offenders" read this please do refrain from this activity going further.

Let's end any highway blues.




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