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08.05.2018 (1178 days ago)

Gotham works

Gotham works
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At Gotham meetings we’ll mention the “Power of Gotham.” How through Fredslist which I have moderated since last fall, we find help for our needs, some rather difficult, place friends and relatives and some of us in new gigs. Many of us look good to friends, relatives – and clients who benefit from the introductions to the professionals in our Gotham tribe. Through the relationships we develop, business results. And not to diminish the social, real and enduring friendship results. I know I can testify to all of that, and probably more. On all sides of the ball, to apply a football analogy.


Indeed, the CEO of the senior agency where I chair its board, recently remarked quite favorably about Gotham in one of our recent chats. Every week of late includes a conference call concerning a new building for this senior agency that serves my community (and much, much more). Since I “took over” as its board chair a bit more than one year, it certainly took on a bit of a Gotham flavor; Gotham "supplied" our attorney (Steve Glassberg) to guide legal matters that relate to construction; Gotham supplied an additional professional (Cary Spiegel) guiding us; through a Gotham connection (Joshua Zinder), I was able to find other professionals to help guide me and my colleagues on the board and the agency's executive leadership; and four of the newer members of the board come via Gotham.


On the board, Mindy Stern and Renee Richter are Gotham members; Mindy who also chairs our board development committee has done a great job. Renee is co-chairing our fundraising (we have a big event on September 28). A third member I met when a friend was having a breakfast meeting a table away from an informal Gotham meeting Nancy Schess pulled together on Long Island last February. The fourth I met when he visited Gotham meetings so when Mindy made her recommendation, I already knew the person. Both Mindy and Renee also support SNAP’s Community – Business Partnership program; several other partnership members come from Gotham: Scott Levine, Helen Keit and Charisma Vega; the owner of the firm that gives Gotham Al Fecci and Sam Wanigasinghe also participates.


Absent an ability to draw on the relationships in Gotham, I know that the issues we face would be much more difficult to address. Gotham as a resource. Not bad at all.

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  •  Daniel Schwartz: 
    You never know who you might meet.
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  •  Alex Fecci: 
    Corey's Energy & The Power of Gotham is Empowering. Reach Out and Touch Someone. As always, Well Stated Corey.
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  •  Marilyn Genoa: 
    Such a lovely message---the opposite of a conversation I had yesterday with another attorney I "bumped into" unexpectedly. Too long to explain but very discouraging---despite my efforts to engage the person (not for my benefit, for an association that I actually thought would be a perfect match) it appeared clear that unless there was an obvious immediate monetary advantage to that attorney he/she (for anonymity) was not interested. Very disappointing, but gratefully not something encountered often----and the exact opposite of another conversation I had a few days ago with a Gotham member who showed her true Gotham spirit, which was what made me want to make the "shitach" in the first place.
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    What goes around truly comes around...
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