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Getting Motivated

Getting Motivated
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What motivates you?


We all have our tasks that just have to be done, even though we don’t look forward to them. For me it’s the weekly inputting of my time into my billing program and exercise. This month that list also includes taking continuing education classes. I recently reviewed my continuing education credits and realized I was behind in my credits. 


After I exercise, I always feel great. But getting to the treadmill and turning it on takes a lot of effort for me. I have written in the past that to motivate myself to get on the treadmill, I will often tape television shows that I want to watch and “save it” for the treadmill.


As for my billing, I have recently started listening to podcasts while I work. Knowing that I have a good podcast to listen to, definitely motivates me to sit down at my desk and input my billing. Lastly, my motivation for taking my continuing education courses is my fear that I won’t complete the required credits in time. I have to have twenty-four credits by July and I have a long way to go.


In rereading this blog it appears that I use distraction as a motivation to get myself to complete mundane or routine tasks. Fear seems to also be a huge motivator for me.


What works for you?

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