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It's Saturday...and anything goes.

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About 15 years ago I started eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet.

gluten freeIt was mighty difficult considering my affection for cheese and fresh, warm bread plus the total lack of products available.

Today, there is no shortage of Gluten or dairy free products. Where I used to search high and low for a loaf of gluten free bread, there's no less than 5 different brands in the stores I shop. Same with dairy...now there are 46 different kinds of dairy free yogurt on the shelves at Whole Foods.


And maybe even more amazing, I learned today on the radio, that Tito's vodka is gluten free. Who knew?!?


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  •  Fred wrote 146 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I don't drink vodka...
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  •  Daniel_Schwartz wrote 146 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Eliminating dairy is tough. I have greatly reduced it and feel much better. Less inlfamation, congestion and helped with weight loss.
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  •  NSpizz wrote 146 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I knew someone who was told that if he ever ate dairy again he would die. Two days later he was hit by a truck...A MILK TRUCK
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  •  NeilHollander wrote 145 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hard to comment without knowing the details of why you switched ?

    Hollander Sends
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  •  Rona_Gura wrote 145 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Tremendous kudos to you. Bread and cheese are two of my mainstays.
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