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No secret that I enjoy attending shows.  Not many fit the troubadour  - unaccompanied solo artist - variety.  At the very least most artists enjoy the support of at least one accomplished sideman.  I probably saw John B. Sebastian in troubadour mode the most; Roger McGuinn second. No offense to the former leaders of the Lovin' Spoonful and The Byrds respectively but the recent concert by Squeeze primary vocalist and lead guitarist Glenn Tilbrook gets the "GOAT" that some football purists use concerning a QB that used to lead the team that "stole" the "HC of the NY Jets" back in the day.


My daughter joined me at this concert and I observed Marisa smiling throughout.


Using my iPhone, she took the brief videos of Glenn's cover of

"Don't You Want Me" by the Human League (which Glenn and family covered in a home video cut during the pandemic available on YouTube) and My fave Squeeze tune, "Black Coffee in Bed."


He played about half the show on acoustic guitar before turning to electric.


He played deep cuts such as "I've Returned" from the now four-decade old Sweets with A Stranger and "Women's World" from East Side Story.


He covered every single but "Cool for Cats" (on which Chris Difford" sang lead).

That includes:

-Another Nail In My Heart

-Goodbye Girl

-If I Didn't Love You

-Is That Love

-Pulling Muscle From The Shell

-Slap & Tickle

-Take Me I'm Yours

-Tempted, and

-Up The Junction.


A fave for me is "Hourglass" from 1987's Babylon and On and "If It's Love from 1989's Frank.  He also played Cigarette Of A Single Man (also from Babylon and On) "The Truth" from from"1991's Play and covers Elvis Costellos's "From a Whisper to a Scream" and Bobby Charles' "I Must Be In a Good Place Now" that he and family also did in another home video released to YouTube.


This video is "If I Didn't Love You" and "Hourglass."


This one is "Up The Junction."




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