Four (4)

Four (4)
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When I think about the approach of Thanksgiving, I think about more than giving thanks for my family, friends, colleagues and my life. More and more the focus involves giving. I only hope I do enough. The Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving – Giving Tuesday – represents a culmination of giving efforts through Gotham. As Friday’s blogger repeatedly reminds us on Fredslist and various Gotham groups he attends, Gotham’s Holiday Party that eve features the selection of charities that will benefit from the Gotham season of giving collection effort.

A year ago, I blogged about some opportunities for giving that I continue to support. Last week I found myself involved in two meetings concerning the new building for SNAP senior center (I chair its board). I am pleased to report a new Gotham connection there: we recently engaged Joshua Zinder’s firm to guide us towards completion. Next weekend as part of my Pythian involvements, we look forward to a BINGO fundraiser my home FDR Lodge hosts (FDR’s foundation give out its donations every year in June.); more events follow. This summer both FDR and Gotham will raise funds for their respective foundations as part of ticket sales to the gatherings each hosts when the Mets host the Yankees at Citifield next July 29; if you did not reserve tickets better act fast; not many remain. Shelly and I also support Vincent and Susan Russo’s Theresa Foundation which honored Fred Klein and this correspondent in successive years.

Four options for giving.

You might have others.

Need some further inspiration...perhaps some songs.

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