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First Days of School

First Days of School
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For me, there will always be a sense of new beginning in September. It’s probably the remnant of years of new school years so long ago.
Over the last few days, Flo and I have received pictures of our grandchildren on their first days of school. Bright smiles with cautious enthusiasm and expectation…and the mandatory backpack filled, or to be filled, with those things necessary for their journey.
I think about the disruption in their lives and hope that this new beginning is, indeed, a new beginning.

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  •  Cynthia Somma: 
    I love seeing all the kids ready, it makes things feel somewhat normal.
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  •  Daniel Schwartz: 
    Like Fred, I never liked the first day of school. In fact, I never met anyone that did in my family.
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    I hated the first day of school!
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