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Every Friend Was Once a Stranger

Every Friend Was Once a Stranger
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I was playing around on Instagram as I was procrastinating writing this blog. As I’ve written before I’m a fan of several of The Real Housewives franchises. And, so, I follow Andy Cohen-the creator of The Real Housewives-on Instagram. His Instagram story today resonated with me and, I thought, was especially relevant to Gotham.


The theme of Andy’s Instagram story was that we should all remember that every friend was once a stranger. In thinking about that I began to think about all the people that I now consider more than colleagues but, rather, as friends, that I never would have met if not for Gotham. The list is voluminous.


One person who quickly came to mind was Neil Hollander. As I have previously blogged, I had never met or spoken to Neil but he took it upon himself to call me after reading my blog about my fear of flying. We have corresponded by email since that call. And while I don’t believe that Neil and I would ever agree politically (sorry Neil), I do consider him a special friend whom I know would always take my call. And he was a stranger I never would have met if not for Gotham.


Who is the stranger who became your Gotham friend?

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