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01.21.2023 (8 days ago)

Elon's track record

Elon's track record
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As far as I can tell, Elon is 7 for 9. A pretty good track record.  Here's a list:


Zip2 Corporation (an online directory) - sold to Compaq for $22 million

PayPal - sold to eBay for $165 million

Tesla - didn't start it but took it over and now worth roughly $386 billion (market cap as of 1/23)

SolarCity - basically gone and is now Tesla Solar

SpaceX - worth $127 biillion

The Boring Company - valued at $5.7 billion

Neuralink (human/computer interface) - worth anywhere from $500 million - $1 billion

OpenAI - nonprofit to develop artificial intelligence

Twitter -  now worth $8.63 million, down from $19.66 million prior to Elon buying it


His companies have changed the automobile and space industries forever. Although Twitter, right now, is dying (IMHO)

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