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Drop-Down News

Drop-Down News
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I walked into a coffee shop last Sunday morning in Alexandria, Virginia. It was about 10:30. There was a Washington Post for common reading on the table. I looked at the front page and realized that I had already read the articles on line.
How I get the news has dramatically changed over the years. Although I am one of the few people I know who still has a paper newspaper delivered, I am becoming increasingly aware that I get more and more news on line.
The latest realization is that I have become the subject - and consumer - of “drop-down” news. In light of constant time pressure, sometimes, indeed more than sometimes, the information in the drop-down is the totality of the information. Some drop-downs motivate a touch of the link taking me to the more-detailed story…
other times, the drop-down suffices. Sometimes, the drop-down must suffice as I resume what was interrupted by the drop-down.
Drop-Down News. A new reality.

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