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06.30.2015 (2560 days ago)

Do you Promo?

Do you Promo?
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Gotham offers tremendous resources to members who seize the opportunities.  It fascinates this observer who in our tribe uses the “devices” and how.   I also enjoy using – and sharing information through these means. I welcome the feedback I invariably receive.

Today (aka “Promo Tuesday”), depending on your point of view, we look forward to and/ or endure a “flurry” of Gotham Promos from members touting their wares, services or expertise.   I also find intriguing who posts Promos, the content of Promos and whether those who post weekly or twice per week try to differentiate their Promos.  I know I pass if I read the Promo content previously.

On more than one occasion via email or when I see someone I suggest those who Promo to differentiate content.

I might also comment if I find the program good or suggest any tweaking I find makes sense.  You might consider that.  It offers another way to network, to meet and develop a relationship with a Gothamite you do not know or met but have not really interacted with much.   Ponder the opportunities.  Why not view Promos as an invitation?

Of late I post two times a week but with a different message each time.  I aim each different Promo message I devise to get people to at least “look at what Corey says this time.”

Lately, I have reworked these Promos into LinkedIn posts.   It enables me to get a second opportunity test a message since LinkedIn shares information on how many views a post generates.


So who reads Promos? Who should read promos? You know my recommendation.

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