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03.13.2016 (2048 days ago)

Do You Want to Know A Secret?

Do You Want to Know A Secret?
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A need for secrecy absolutely barred this subject for blogging last week.

A day before my daughter would travel home, Marisa shared an email with her mom and dad, brother and a cousin.  She admonished us not to post on Facebook about her impending plans or presence upon arrival.

Marisa kept secret her plans to attend a bridal shower on the date of my preceding blog.  I dared not risk blowing her cover by sharing how happy her mom and I felt to welcome home our daughter for a brief visit.

Her presence brought us joy.  On her last day she visited her grandma, dropping me off at Gotham Nassau.  Fellow Gotham Traveling Willbury Cindy Somma who met Marisa on my dropoff outside Morrit Hock's office building, kindly dropped me at my step-mom's.  Maybe it will be the feature of a blog someday but Jean likes turtles; as a result one finds many turtle shaped objects of all sizes throughout her home.  Marisa decided to shoot pics of all of them to share with her friends via text.

Marisa also took a pic of Cindy with me -- two Wilburys in a rare front seat pose posted on Fredslist.

Travelin' Willburys Corey Bearak and Cindy Somma


p.s. the photo image of Marisa used to intro this blog also relates to an upcoming Gotham City Gazette® article and my entry into the world of Gotham.

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