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Do Award Shows Still Matter?

Do Award Shows Still Matter?
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As a Culture Vulture-The Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy Award Shows have all been non-miss events for me.  The ratings for all these shows have been trending downwards.


The Oscar and Grammy awards will be postponed due to Covid worries.  And, this week the Golden Globe Awards were doled out without being televised.  NBC pulled the show because an investigation determined that the Hollywood Foreign Press had no minority membership.


The loss of viewership has been blamed on the changing landscape of television viewing. Networks have suffered a huge drop in viewing, as people’s appetite for streaming and gaming has increased.  Social media has taken the place of award shows in acting as marketing springboards for movies, plays, shows, and recordings.


The media world has changed and the old buzz about who will win the Oscar will never be the same.  


Are you an Awards show fan?  And if so, how do you feel about the new reality?

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