11.19.2020 (107 Days Ago)
Cellphone Rules
Cellphone Rules
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One day last week I received five voice messages on my cellphone advising me that there were outstanding warrants for my arrest. The phone calls came from all over the country.
I also received text messages first advising me that Netflix would extend my account and then that my Netflix account was being canceled.
“Just call back to avoid arrest"... or "click on the link to secure your Netflix account.”
Thankfully, I am still free and on good terms with Netflix — despite having done nothing.
It’s time to affirm my cellphone rules.
(1) Unless the number is recognized (or in contacts), I don’t answer.
(2) If it’s a number that is not recognized, if they don’t leave a message, don’t call back.
(3) Don’t click on a link in a text message.


With these in mind, perhaps I can re-establish my relationship with my cellphone.

Any other suggestions?

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  •  Fred wrote 107 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Don't talk near it or you will receive related ads..
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