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Can I Buy You a Drink?

Can I Buy You a Drink?
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I read an article last Sunday in The Times that started like this, “I met my spouse the old fashioned way, I read her profile online, no pics, exchanged a few emails and then met for a drink. No Tinder or OKCupid.”

Is online dating now considered old fashioned? What happened to blind dates and meeting in social settings such as bars and parties? As for personal ads, I would assume that those have been replaced by online dating.

I happened to meet my current husband, Philip, through my daughter Sydney and his son Ryan, who attended nursery school together. After Philip’s first wife died, I offered to watch my now stepson on Saturday mornings as I knew that Philip worked on Saturday mornings. Ryan and Sydney’s morning playdates at my house, over time, stretched out to lunches with the four of us and then afternoons spent together with our other children. Last Friday, Philip and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversay.

How did you meet your significant other?

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