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Bottom's Up!!

Bottom's Up!!
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Happy July 4th Gotham!! It’s officially summer. And with the hot weather, my “drink of choice” changes. In the winter, during a weekend diner, I almost always order a glass of white wine. During the summer, however, my drink of choice changes. During the summer, I generally crave a cold, crisp rosé.


And, of course, my usual hot cup of coffee that I drink in the car on the way to work also changes in the summer. On my way to work, on a hot day, you can usually find me drinking  a cup of Trader Joe’s cold brew.  It’s one of those items that sells out quickly and one has to buy several when you are lucky enought to see it on the shelves in the store. I’m only writing about it now because I already have  hoarded my summer supply and it is safely hidden in my pantry.



What’s your summer drink of choice Gotham?

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