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Are You Kidding Me?

Are You Kidding Me?
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If someone would have told me, last Friday, that all 4 New York sports teams would win on Sunday, I would have never believed it!


A 4 win Sunday has not happened for 14 years.  And, the Jets seemed like they would be terrible this year.  Even though the Giants won last week, they lucked into the victory on a missed kick.  So even getting one football win would be a pleasant surprise.


On the whole, the Yankees and the Mets have had outstanding years.  After a spectacular start that stretched for half the season, the Yanks have struggled to to win half their games.  The Mets’ injuries have hurt their winning ways lately.  A two win baseball Sunday would not be routine.


In the end, with an amazing Jet comeback, a two homer day by Judge, an almost easy Giant victory, and a struggling Mets win the rarity occurred. 


Hopefully, we won’t have to wait till 2036 for another four out of four Sunday.

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