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Air Travel in Winter
Air Travel in Winter
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It was one of those tough decisions. We were in Aruba and scheduled to fly back to New York last Sunday. The weather forecast in New York was for a snow storm and the prediction was ominous.

We called the airline. The flight had not yet been cancelled but the airline would change our reservations to a flight on Monday.

Thoughts of being stuck at the airport raced. Then, a telephone call from my brother-in-law with the ever-increasing predicted accumulation. Followed by a call to the car service with a promise to “do our best to pick you up but with the caveat that “if the road conditions are what they are predicting....”

As it turned out, our new flight was hours late the next day. The snow came later than predicted and the flight we had originally booked was on time and beat the heavy snow.

As we waited for our flight, we met the pilot who would take us back to New York. He heard our tale and, with the wisdom of experience, he smiled and said “sometimes you just don’t know.”

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  •  Fred wrote 77 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Over my life I have learned to go into the teeth of it.
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  •  Liz_Saldana wrote 77 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I once had to call my boss to let him know I wouldn't make it back from vacation as planned, because a storm in NYC had "indefinitely cancelled flights". He was understanding; but then asked if I was calling from an outdoor restaurant on the Florida beach. His response to my "Um, yes" was "I hate you." LOL
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