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Adventurous Eating

Adventurous Eating
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Are you an adventurous eater? I, generally, am not. I largely won’t eat meat because I just don’t like it. I love raw carrots but I don’t like them cooked. I guess you can actually  call me a picky eater.


I will, however, try anything when I am on vacation. I feel trying the local food is part of the experience. I have tried alligator (no it does not taste like chicken). I have tried local steak in Argentina. I can definitely see the difference between steak we have in America and that in South America, with South American steak being much more tender. I have tried  bangers and mash in Scotland as well as black pudding (definitely not a fan).


 Living with me and my food pickiness, my husband is always happily surprised when I try something new while on vacation. Are you a picky eater?




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