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12.03.2017 (1715 days ago)

A new leaf?

A new leaf?
1715 days ago 10 comments Categories: Music Tags:Leaves, Leaf Bags, Squeeze


Today the City picks up the leaves. That meant I needed to place out the Leaf Bags. 10 of them. Knowing I had floor access (not seats) for Squeeze that eve and basketball to start my day, I started the day earlier to bag the leaves in the yard. I already had three bags out front filled over the two weeks since the first of City collections dates, November 19. I intended to rest my legs for the evening by filling the yard leaves; indeed I filled five more bags before ball. But I still filled another two in the afternoon, one in the front and one rear. There went my break. I still managed to sway to the music. Guess the music energized me anew. Anyone surprised.

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