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05.26.2019 (1588 days ago)

A new fave & a kickoff

A new fave & a kickoff
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The week that passed includes a few challenges and this commentator still needs to handle some matters; this includes setting up my deck for seasonal enjoyment.  With help via Gotham the biggest concerns became much less stressful.  We took in a show at My Father's Place as the work week ended.  Shelly posted a pic on Instagram calling it "Corey's Place."  It was a band I followed nearly 50 years but never got to see them; guess stuff happens.  Savoy Brown delivered a great set.  I posted some nice pics and the set list (pre-encore) its drummer left a few copies of after the show.  Shelly even "directed" a few of the pics I took.  The Roslyn venue is quickly becoming my fave place to take in a show; I've enjoyed shows with Shelly (including this one), good friends and sometimes both.


So while Gotham's webmaster blogged yesterday about seasonal kickoff including sharing a new recipe, I hope to get my "outside space" ready for occupancy; I want to kick-off its use this longer weekend.  I usually power wash the space where the covered deck furniture occupied after working through the "open" space.  This time I got smarter (I live life expecting to new learn new "tricks" almost every day.).  This time I moved the furniture over and power washed the the space previously occupied.  I hope to set up that space for "occupancy" this morning before taking in an afternoon game at the venue Friday's blogger covered this past week (A couple joining us today will also attend the July 3 game.).   With about half the deck now subjected to a power-wash, I look forward to "deployment" of table and chairs and the "release" of umbrellas "wintering" in he shed.  More soon.

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