A Super Way to support charities

A Super Way to support charities
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As we learn today which teams will survive conference championship games later today in order to compete two weeks hence in Superbowl LVII find it easier to focus on a fun fundraiser that helps raise funds my home Knights of Pythias lodge’s foundation distributes later this year. Each year, FDR Lodge 613’s Kings FDR Tolerance Foundation distributes donations and often scholarships usually in June (Because of Covid, FDR held its last two distribution events virtually.). This Super Bowl Fundraiser uses what I call the “Ira system” of boxes after Kings-FDR Tolerance Foundation President Ira Spiegel, CPA.  


The “Ira system” offers ten ways to win; it helps you focus on the game and perhaps root for teams you may otherwise despise (See the sample pic upper left; if you reach out before, I just may be able to get you opportunity to donate and play.)


As with Gotham, our Foundation also uses as a fundraiser an annual outing to Citifield to see the Mets play the Yankees. Both Gotham and FDR will are attending the same Tuesday, evening July 26, 2022 game (and same section).


As shared on the eve of prior games, we often joined up with friends, sometimes in a diner in Brooklyn; otherwise among friends here in northeast Queens. Last year was the first time school the next day mattered not but, following the recommendations of those who know a bit better, no gathering took place. A decision on a possible gathering is the subject of a Zoom tomorrow eve. Until the team that last won 53 years back returns to this league championship game, the hanging certainly exceeded the game for this commentator.


So this year the FDR Super Bowl fundraiser again offers something to root for: certain scoring (or non-scoring) at the end of each quarter (overtime does not count). Gotham members often support this effort (I think they enjoy the Ira system.); Entertainment Chair Norm Spizz place his order at the Gotham Happy Hour a week ago Friday


By the way scoring the Superbowl also spawned the creation of one of Gotham’s favorite listserves. Our traditional listserve got overwhelmed during the last appearance by New Jersey’s other team (that claims a NY moniker). Gotham’s co-founder and others posted throughout so smart minds created to move that chatter to its proper place.


p.s. Looking ahead to when we might be driving (or traveling) to watch this game (or just moving about more, how about several hours of Songs for the Road.

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