A Friendly Gathering Around A Rivalry

A Friendly Gathering Around A Rivalry
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We took over Citi Field last Tuesday.  At least one section of the Left-Field Landing.  Last week’s commentary concluded with a mention of Tuesday night when some 250 of my closest friends and their family, friends and colleagues would join me at Citi Field where Friday’s bloggers Yankees and my Mets previewed a later October (and maybe early November) “series.” My “party” included my nephew Doug and daughter Marisa.

The Mets recognized our Gotham Networking

 The Mets recognize Gotham

and FDR Lodge 613 Knights of Pythias groups.

The Mets recognize FDR

Fred and I took an early pic with my Mets rep, Aaron Riley who arranged our seating and my parties for Opening Day and Keith's number retirement (He is excellent so if you need/ want an intro, just reach out!). 

Corey, Fred and Aaron

Best of all we raised some nice cash for the Gotham and Kings-FDR Tolerance Foundations.

Fred may argue the point but no doubt exists the better (of the two) team(s on the field) won that and the next eve. Marisa and I monitored the Wednesday game while attending what Marisa called a really great performance by Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne at Beacon

(view setlist below) at the Beacon Theatre; Marisa was seeing Jackson for the first time; I saw him first nearly 50 years ago at Wollman Rink at the great ever summer concert series the former president killed off.

Friday involved some in-person campaign stops, including outside an iconic restaurant (not disclosing as no need to alert the opponents...) but campaign staffer Allie took the pic upper right describing me “The most Queens person ever.” I’ll take that.


Jackson Browne, July 27, 2022 at Beacon Setlist:

Set 1:

Somebody's Baby

The Barricades of Heaven

The Long Way Around

Downhill From Everywhere

Fountain of Sorrow

Rock Me on the Water

A Human Touch (with Leslie Mendelson)

That Girl Could Sing

Before the Deluge

I Am a Patriot (Little Steven cover)


Set 2:

You Love the Thunder

The Dreamer

Until Justice Is Real

Carmelita (Warren Zevon cover)

For a Dancer

These Days

Your Bright Baby Blues

Redneck Friend

Doctor My Eyes

Late for the Sky

The Pretender

Running on Empty


Take It Easy (Eagles cover)

Our Lady of the Well

Encore 2:

The Load-Out

Stay (Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs cover)

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