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06.16.2019 (902 days ago)

A Day to Celebrate Our Dads

A Day to Celebrate Our Dads
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I shared many times since I scored this Sunday blog "gig" (Some who covet one of the days might call it an ("honor.") how I look forward to blogging on days such as these; I get to post on the actual day.  No different here.  Keeping with tradition, I offer this wonderful song for this special day by current Poco bassist and vocalist Jack Sundrud.

Last year we broke with the BBQ tradition to visit a landmark before it closed.   I look forward to a simple one this year.  Over several weekends, I found some time to make the "back" ready, added some new seat cushions; the "look" make me happy and serves as a gift to myself, if so allowed.

Father's Day Gift

Above find my Father's day gift from Shelly.  I delayed my blog to include it.  No surprise but those who saw the condition of the current cover (sorry, no pic), knew its time already passed.  I knew the gift arrived but waited for its presentation and as viewed above, a very nice one.

Indeed I wanted to draft this blog on the iPad but the website functionality precluded adding a picture to the blog content (but I did take the photo using the iPad; of course the iPhone camera offers a better shoot so I do reserve the right to make a later edit.).

This year's celebration started a bit early; dinner with Jonathan the week before (Shelly posted it to Facebook).  Though off on the west coast, Marisa's card (see story image), always a highlight and she finds amazing sentiments each year.

As we think about this day, I want to thank not just my dads and granddads, I want to thank those many other dads I know who also do a heck of job.

Happy Father's Day.  You (we) deserve it.

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