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09.12.2021 (83 days ago)


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It was a special night.  I think my tweet captured the sentiment.  

We gathered at Citi Field last night.  

Gotham on Citifield Scoreboard

It involved more than a game.

FDR on Citi Field Scoreboard

Shelly posted on Facebook some nice pics of the pre-game ceremony.  The outcome on the field remained secondary (thought there certainly are those happy or not at that) to the commemoration.  Bottom line, a worthy tribute occurred and those who attended in our two groups, or who supported our gatherings, helped raised funds to support worthy causes (those decisions happen later this year and next June respectively).

(Fred took this pic of me at the game)

Corey at Citi Field


For those who missed last Sunday’s blog, I include the content here until it finds it way to this beautiful new website:


A change is gonna come


Friday's blogger directed me not to post today but Gotham's webmaster overruled him early today.


Visitors to this wonderful resource which coincidentally hosts my Sunday blog will soon experience some wonderful things here that I leave to others to outline and reveal.


So please....stay tuned!


I am certainly am!


As Mr. Cooke sings, A Change is Gonna Come.

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