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"Reality Ray"!

"Reality Ray"!
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We have a terrific member named Ray Walcott who fills many Gotham roles reliably, ergo, his nickname “Reliable Ray”.  

Last Saturday night both Ray and I were at the Gotham Yankee/Met game at Citi Field and were both, responsibly, wearing masks.  Thus, when I first encountered Ray I was not sure who he was.  Later I figured it out and approached him with a warm greeting. Then I asked him to take his mask off for the attached (Erin McKenna) photo and when he did it was a reality check.  

I looked at him and he looked so healthy, sleak, handsome, and animated.  So alive! 

I suddenly realized that, Ray being a relatively new member, I had never seen him before in person.  It was a “WOW” moment and I exclaimed “Reality Ray”!

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