Tara Fappiano

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Tara Fappiano

4 Westchester Park Drive, Suite 155, White Plains, NY, 10604

E-mail: tcf@tarafappiano.com

Phone: 917-923-2330

Company: Tara Fappiano, Attorney at Law

Position: Owner

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  • location 4 Westchester Park Drive, Suite 155


Tara C. Fappiano is an advocate, mediator, conflict resolution coach, and attorney. Using conflict resolution techniques and collaborative dispute resolution practices, she works with the special needs/disability community to help with issues that arise with special education, as well as with clients with disabilities in all areas.

Tara services the special education and disability community, primarily, and her approach is always one of conflict resolution. She will work with clients to look for resolution to problems above all else, and provide them with the support they need to move forward. She has been working recently with students in post-secondary education and offers a spectrum of services covering transition to college/post-secondary education, accommodations, academic appeals, negotiations of various educational issues, and coaching to families/students to promote self-advocacy and independence.

Business Category: Attorneys

Website: www.tarafappiano.com

Good Lead: I enjoy working with clients who are looking for support from someone who can understand their situation, and is willing to let me work with them to try to, primarily, resolve the problem. I like to collaborate with clients to ensure their needs are met, but also look for clients who respect my abilities and experience and trust me when I guide them and set limits. Clients, in turn, when they meet me recognize that I understand their situation and am able to work with them with compassion they will not get elsewhere.