Rick Raymond

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Rick Raymond

441 East 20th Street, Suite ME, New York, New York, 10010

E-mail: rickraymond@thefamilybusinessleader.com

Phone: 646-594-5587

Company: Richard Raymond Associates, Inc. dba The Family Business Leader

Position: Founder & President

  • work-phone 646-594-5587
  • mail-address rickraymond@thefamilybusinessleader.com
  • mobile 646-594-5587
  • location 441 East 20th Street, Suite ME

Rick Raymond is an experienced business advisor, trained executive coach, and founder of The Growth Team/The Family Business Leader - an interdisciplinary collective providing leadership/team development, organizational development, and business growth support to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and family businesses. Rick has over 30 years of small business experience, and comes from three generations of small business owners. He is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Chile. Rick has an M.S. degree in natural resources management. His avocation is swimming & photography.


An operational, organizational & leadership development firm helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, family enterprises, and independent professionals create self-sustaining, multi-generational businesses and wealth.

Business Category: Consulting

Website: www.thefamilybusinessleader.com  

Good Lead:   Entrepreneurs and small business owners expert in what they do, struggling growing their business. Heads of family businesses wrestling with harmony in the family, concerned about the future of the family or business after they transition out, or see themselves never leaving T&E attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, bookkeepers, and other advisors and trusted service providers.