Richard Carlton, M.D.

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Richard Carlton, M.D.

3 Secor Drive, Port Washington, NY, 11050


Phone: 917-697-4233

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I am the author of a forthcoming book on COVID-19 and its aftermath, using nutrients and herbs in an evidence-based approach. I have already treated a number of “long COVID” patients, with great success. I have co-authored two other books, one on how to literally starve cancer cells, the other on nutrients and herbs to treat Type 2 Diabetes. I am authorized by the State of New York to prescribe medical cannabis. In fact, I helped to get the NY medical cannabis bill passed, by giving expert testimony at NY State Senate hearings, and by meeting with State Senators. My private practice is now entirely virtual, using portals such as Zoom and WhatsApp.


I have been practicing Integrative Psychiatry for over 45 years, using natural, drug-free approaches (primarily nutrients and herbs) to treat mental health problems and physical problems as well.

For mental health, I use those natural approaches to treat anxiety, depression, ADD (in adults as well as teens), cognitive impairment (including dementia), and traumatic brain injury.

In the field of physical health, I am skilled in treating migraines, IBS, and chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia.

Business Category: Doctors & Other Health Professionals


Good Lead: I welcome referrals of people who are open to Complementary & Alternative approaches to treating "mental" as well as "physical" problems.  I will prescribe meds when needed, but my preference is to use natural approaches first, because they are so much safer.