Paul Sladkus

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Paul Sladkus

33 Flatbush Ave. 4th Floor, Brooklyn, New York , 1


Phone: 2126471212

Company: Milestone Broadcast Corporation

Position: President

  • work-phone 2126471212
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  • mobile 2126471212
  • location 33 Flatbush Ave. 4th Floor

TV, marketing and advertising executive. Formerly with CBS and PBS working on over 150 Network TV shows, many Emmy Winning for 14 years. Then in 1985 started full service multicultural marketing and advertising company, client's Citibank, Sprint, IBM, Delta, Western Union, US Postal.. in 1998 started a broadcast on the web Show include Gotham and over 5,000 people doing good.


Full service marketing and advertising multi-cultural and niche marketing.

Broadcast multi-media,

Business Category: TV Production & Distribution

Website: www,

Good Lead: Investor into media company to match existing investor potential TV Production, commercial, business video advertising needs to multi-cultural   technology companies  for tech event May 24, 2016  




Paul Sladkus