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James Periconi

260 Madison Ave., 8th Fl., New York, New York, 10016

E-mail: jpericoni@periconi.com

Phone: 212-213-5500

Company: Periconi, LLC

Position: Owner

  • work-phone 212-213-5500
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  • location 260 Madison Ave., 8th Fl.

Jim has been an environmental lawyer for about 40 years, see description below. He is a (nearly) life-long New Yorker - he graduated from three schools in Manhattan - Regis High School, Columbia College, NYU Law School (with a M.A. in English lit from the U. of Virginia in Charlottesville between college & law school). 3 children, 7 grandchildren. My interests outside of practicing law include, besides being an active Grandpa, being a member, Center for Research in the Humanities, New York Public Library (see my website https://italianamericanimprints.omeka.net/ to see my area of research) and active member of the Grolier Club of New York, a bibliophilic organization, as well as playing the accordion.


We are an environmental law boutique: we help our real estate investor and developer clients sleep better at night by reducing the risk of huge exposure to environmental liabilities arising in industrial and commercial real estate deals. We love to be brought in on faltering deals so we can help turn breakdowns into breakthroughs! We've put many properties into New York State's Brownfields Cleanup Program since that program began nearly 20 years ago.

We help other clients, who have operating facilities, with environmental permits, keep their noses clean (and profits in their pockets, not the government till) by negotiating with environmental agencies, federal, state and local.

Business Category: Attorneys

Website: http://www.periconi.com

Good Lead: A good lead for us: commercial real estate lawyers, industrial property investors and developers who think there might be environmental issues that have to be resolved as part of a deal, especially those that threaten the deal's viability.