Ellin Yassky

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Ellin Yassky

39 Woodbine Lane, Fairfield, Connecticut, 06825

E-mail: medici18@yahoo.com

Phone: 203-581-0395

Company: Medici Editorial Services, LLC

Position: Owner

  • work-phone 203-581-0395
  • mail-address medici18@yahoo.com
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  • location 39 Woodbine Lane

Ellin Yassky is an independent editor specializing in illustrated (art) books with 25 years experience in publishing. She holds a Ph.D. in Art/Museum Administration from NYU. She has facilities in several languages (fluency in Italian and proficiency in French, as well as familiarity with Hebrew and Russian if needed). Until 2007, Ellin directed the largest Judaica and Art Book division for publisher HLLA. Her books have won several awards including the National Jewish Book Award and The Umhoeffer Award for Humanities. Her books are regularly featured in the catalog of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Medici Editorial Services, including self-publishing services, writing, editing, proofing, book production, photo research, Legacy Books and private art collection catalogs.

Business Category: None


Good Lead: Publishing and Editorial departments in larger companies who need a talented, experienced project editor/director to take on project they are ill-equipped to handle themselves. Self-publishers or Bloggers? Anything that represents your business's "face" would be best served by having a professional editor look at it.