Deborah Farkash

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Deborah Farkash

New York, New York, 10028-0211


Phone: 917-628-8361

Company: Living Wellinside and Outside

Position: President

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Deborah Farkash is an educator, consultant and entrepreneur. She started Living Well Inside and Outside in 2011 to provide health, wellness and longevity products and support to her clients. Deborah holds a masters from LIU in Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapy. The first 28 years of her career she spent working with the frail elderly, including people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Deborah's personal journey/ health challenges and passion for disease prevention and improved quality of life started her on the path to starting her own business. The mission of Living Well Inside and Outside is to promote quality of life for a health span not just a life span. It focuses on simple solutions based on ancient wisdom and scientific breakthroughs in the anti-aging science of longevity.


Health, Wellness and longevity. Focus on nutrition, anti aging supplements and skincare designed to slow down aging at the source. Personalized program.

Business Category: Consulting


Good Lead: Men & Women 40+ who are savvy, exercising, eating well and are wanting to do more. Prevent illness.  Slow down aging at the genetic level.  Wanting to sleep better, reduce stress, boost thier immune system.  Natural way to stay healthy