David Klein

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David Klein

450 Seventh Avenue, New York, New York, 10123

E-mail: dklein@legal.org

Phone: (212) 246-0900

Company: Klein Moynihan Turco LLP

Position: Managing Partner

  • work-phone (212) 246-0900
  • mail-address dklein@legal.org
  • mobile
  • location 450 Seventh Avenue

David is the managing partner of Klein Moynihan Turco LLP. Specializing in Internet and Mobile Marketing law, David represents many of the emerging players in this burgeoning industry. From contract negotiations to litigation, Klein Moynihan offers Internet and Mobile Marketing companies full legal representation in their industry.


Internet and Mobile Marketing Law

Business Category: None

Website: kleinmoynihan.com

Good Lead: Any company/individual that is in, or wishes to enter, the Internet and/or Mobile Marketing space.