David Mack

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David Mack

205 East 42nd Street, 17th Floor, New York, New York, 10017

E-mail: david.mack@sophist.com

Phone: 6468271185

Company: Text-to-Pledge

Position: Business Development/Onsite Production

  • work-phone 6468271185
  • mail-address david.mack@sophist.com
  • mobile 6468271185
  • location 205 East 42nd Street, 17th Floor


I work for Text-to-Pledge, a mobile fundraising platform that helps non-profits raise money through mobile text messaging. Text-to-Pledge lets any gala attendee text a donation to their non-profit of choice, while simultaneously watching that text message scroll across large event screens for the audience to see. The interactivity of this on-screen messaging gives non-profits the ability to engage new donors and ultimately raise more money. Fundraising campaigns continue year-round in order to maximize ROI.

Business Category: Foundations Philanthropists & Non-Profits


Good Lead: Any non profit organization, event planner, consulting firm, or non profit board member would be a good lead.