Cindy Fields

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Cindy Fields

150 East 58th Street, 38th Fl., New York, New York, 10155

E-mail: cfields@loyaltyalliance.com

Phone: 212.570.1212

Company: Loyalty Alliance, Inc.

Position: President

  • work-phone 212.570.1212
  • mail-address cfields@loyaltyalliance.com
  • mobile
  • location 150 East 58th Street, 38th Fl.

Cindy Fields, the President & Founder of Loyalty Alliance, Inc., is a Wall Street veteran with over thirty years of experience in financial services and wealth preservation for high-net-worth individuals and businesses. She was one of the first professional women to work in private equity on Wall Street and is considered an industry pioneer. Cindy founded Loyalty Alliance to be a change-maker in the financial services industry – a “pebble in the pond” business that refocuses attention from “profit first” to always doing the right thing for clients, collaborators, employees, and the community. As a result of her deep-rooted passion for entrepreneurship, Cindy is not only sought out by entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and achievers to personally assist them with the achievement of their unique visions and to develop wealth preservation and asset protection programs for their personal and business assets but she has been motivated to create a platform that serves as a destination where all high achievers can go to succeed. The creation of the Achieve Beyond! platform, which currently includes ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT, a program designed to highlight the accomplishments of entrepreneurs, the Achieving Beyond Blog, which provides a safe environment in which entrepreneurs can communicate their ideas, and the Achieving Beyond newsletter, which highlights our bloggers and featured members across a broad audience, and Essential Solutions, which includes Alliance Members who offer the resources and services high achievers need to succeed professionally and personally, is a clear outgrowth of Cindy’s focus on providing the entrepreneur with a safe haven for communication, inspiration, and success. If you'd like to participate in this amazing platform for and by entrepreneurs, reach out.


Achieve Beyond! [www.achievebeyond.site], by Loyalty Alliance, Inc., is a dynamic new destination and digital ecosystem for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and achievers seeking to push the boundaries of comfort, challenge the status quo, build community and Achieve Beyond! The platform includes a monitored, secure blogging space that includes contributors from multiple areas of expertise and experience, member features, e-newsletters, built-in marketing resources and tools, and a growing list of products and services addressing the unique needs of entrepreneurs and high achievers. This is a home for achievers to blog, share, inspire, learn, engage and find solutions that address their unique problems and circumstances.

The platform will only be as good as the community engaged in growing it, and I’d appreciate your help spreading the word. Note: the platform is FREE. It was built to encourage and promote entrepreneurship.

Please contact Cindy Fields, cfields@loyaltyalliance.com, for further information.

Business Category: Other

Website: www.loyaltyalliance.com

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