Brian O'Donnell

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Brian O'Donnell

522 5th Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY, 10036


Phone: 212-230-3446

Company: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Position: Financial Advisor

  • work-phone 212-230-3446
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  • mobile 646-354-3533
  • location 522 5th Avenue, 11th Floor

My team, The Tisi Hernandez Group, brings over 100 years of experience to the task of helping clients achieve their life goals. We work with clients in all walks of life, but have a focus on entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our goal is to thoroughly understand your financial needs and then align the resources to help you meet or exceed them. I am native to Rockaway Beach NY, but currently reside in Nutley NJ with my wife Amy, daughter Anna and dog Missy.


I am a financial advisor and part of a wealth management team at Morgan Stanley. We provide goals based financial planning and investment services to individuals and
families, with a focus on the small business owner. We also work with nonprofit organizations on their endowments. The heart of our process is the design and implementation of
a personally tailored financial plan, taking into account one's goals, personal risk tolerance and cash flow needs. Collaborating with clients' other advisors (tax, estate, etc.), we help coordinate all aspects of their financial lives.

Business Category: Securities & Investment


Good Lead: A good lead would be any family or individual that is looking to get on track to achieve their financial goals.   Nonprofit organizations that are considering an RFP for investment management are also good referrals for me.