Armin Tehrany

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    Armin Tehrany

    515 Madison Avenue - 1102, New York, New York, 10022

    E-mail: armin@tehranymd.com

    Phone: 212-729-9200

    Company: Manhattan Orthopedic Care

    Position: Doctor

    • work-phone 212-729-9200
    • mail-address armin@tehranymd.com
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    • location 515 Madison Avenue - 1102

    Dr. Tehrany treats all types of orthopaedic conditions, including those of the upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine. He specializes in minimally invasive treatment of the shoulder and knee, including rotator cuff repair and dislocation repair in the shoulder, as well as meniscus and ligament reconstruction in the knee. He believes that treatment of various conditions in the body should include both traditional allopathic and non-allopathic methods, ranging from conservative management to surgical intervention. Dr. Tehrany serves as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan. He currently lives in Manhattan as well with his wife and two daughters.