Adam Krim

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    Adam Krim

    New Rochelle, NY, 10804

    Company: DRiVE Consulting


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    Providing Soft Skills Training Seminars. Topics include:

    1. Time Management;
    2. Harnessing Stress;
    3. Decision Making;
    4. Problem Solving;
    5. Setting SMART goals and action plans;
    6. Core Energy Construct as blueprint - moving from victim to win/win mindset - and avoiding roadblocks - GAIL's;
    7. 7 Do's and Don't's of Effective Networking;
    8. Increasing Engagement Levels;
    9. Communication Skills; and
    10. Leadership Skills.

    Coaching individuals and groups on soft skills topics as well as:
    1) facing transitions (whether personal or professional);
    2) considering a career change;
    3) looking to achieve greater fulfillment in all aspects of life;
    4) seeking to overcome inner barriers to career success;
    5) building a more productive team.

    Business Catergory: Other


    Good Lead: Company or firm which wants to increase productivity of its staff by providing soft skills training seminars.