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Welcome to the Gotham Fresh Business Exchange

In Summary: we are Beta Testing Our new concept and group for new members to Gotham.  Right now this will be an Open Group. This may change very soon. Anyone who attends the meeting who is not a member of this group must pay in advance a fee. The fee is $25. This may change in the future as well.


Here is our goal – to provide the ability for the younger generation to grow their business and network with those more seasoned and those same members have the ability to learn and tap the Under 40 professional network.

  • Foster relationships between 40 and under and over 40 professionals to help grow one another's business.
  • Meetings once a month, along with separate individual 1 to 1’s to relationship build
  • Meetings will have an agenda or be topic –centric.
  • Think of a RoundTable discussion.
  • Focus on how to work together on generating/growing/managing, business between generations.


Formal introductions should be 1 minute maximum. Double the time of classic elevator pitch, who you are, what you do, story or example, what you are looking for. That's it, nothing long winded and if you cannot tell someone who you are and what you do in a minute, you are not what we are looking for.


Loose professional meeting structure, with food/beverage.


Maybe something social every other month outside of the classic monthly meeting, to build rapport.


Come and join us and be part of the future.

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