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Corey Bearak
Things will be better
Posted By : Corey Bearak

A year ago I blogged about gathering virtually for Passover (and for others, on Easter). No one thought then we would still be dealing with COVID19, albeit with many of us “vaxxed” or on the way to be such. Nonetheless its a big deal that we were able to gather in our small but safe core. My daughter took care of making sure a new seder plate she p

Cayce Crown
Soul Survivor
Posted By : Cayce Crown

As Fred the K says, strange days... One thing I am fascinated by is the concept of a sole survivor.   Are they racked with guilt or do they thrive on their good fortune? Recently, I heard a story from a Doctor whose sister died on 9/11/01. She worked for Compaq and was having a big power breakfast at Windows on the World. She and her team had go

Cayce Crown
The Trees
Posted By : Cayce Crown

I just finished watching a documentary on PBS about the trees at the 9/11 Memorial and, once again, I am moved - inspired - invigorated with hope with all the good work that goes on that we know nothing about. It goes hand in hand with Hidden Figures (a narrative film) and Come From Away (Broadway Show), both of which should be mandatory viewing fo

Cayce Crown
Seeing Red
Posted By : Cayce Crown

Gotham is abundant with wonderful, meaningful opportunities. Yesterday, the Gotham Book Club® hosted Tom Rinaldi, author of The Red Bandanna. Its the story of Welles Remy Crowther, son of our very own Jefferson Crowther and wife, Alison. They were both in attendance. I can't recommend this book more highly, especially the audio version, which is re