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497 days ago 7 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
  Like most of us, I have a professional email address and a personal email. Unlike everyone else, however, I am a pushover for a discount pitch wherein I get a percentage off on a purchase when I give my email address. You know the ploy, you get an extra 15% off when you provide an email address.     So now my personal email is flooded with sale notifications, discount offers, and the like. I find myself constantly deleting these spam emails. I have considered creating ano...
826 days ago 5 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
  We live in a world of screens. Everything seems to have a computer screen. From our phones to our tablets, our appliances; they all have screens. And we all seem to have gotten very good at multitasking; operating several screens at once.     Over the weekend, I was communicating with my college roommates about booking our annual Fall roommate reunion. I was on my cell phone with one roommate discussing sharing a hotel suite with her while I was also texting my other room...
1127 days ago 7 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
There seems to be a new telemarketer scam out there that is disconcerting to me on so many levels. My office is in Garden City. Lately, at least once a day, I will receive a call on my cell phone in which my cell phone identifies as originating in Garden City. In addition, the first three digits of the caller’s phone number are the same first three numbers as my cell phone.   The first three digits of my children’s cell phone numbers are the same as mine. Therefore, whenever ...
1176 days ago 6 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
I read with intense interest this morning an article in The New York Times Magazine about the Voyager probes. They were launced in 1977 and, have now, reached beyond the boundaries of our solar system. The story was as much a human interest story--many of the same engineers who launched the probes are still working on the project--as it was a science article. The overwhelming question is what will the Voyager probes find beyond our solar system.   As an avid science fiction f...
1512 days ago 8 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
My children tweet. Apparently, they tweet all the time. In addition, they use Twitter to get their news and information about most important events.   I have tried to tweet. The opportunity to potentially communicate with someone I would normally not be able to reach is very intriguing to me. But the approach to tweeting intimidates me. I have a Twitter name. Yet, every time I go on to Twitter there are numerous conversations that are going on and I am unsure how to enter the...
1904 days ago 6 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
  I purchased my current laptop last year. It has a touchscreen and came equipped with Windows 8. Somehow, I quickly became adept at interfacing the keypad with the touchscreen and using Windows 8.     Now Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 and repeatedly sent me messages about the necessity of upgrading to 10. I really liked windows 8 and was very good at using it. But with all the messages I was getting, and my husband’s assurance that it really better than Windows 8, I...
2016 days ago 4 comments Categories: Tech News Tags:
Like Donald, I sometimes find inspiration for my blogs in The Sunday Times. An article I found especially interesting yesterday concerned the proliferation of technology and devices for self-monitoring and behavioral change. The focus of the article was an MIT professor and her proposition that the primary function of these devices have changed from informing users about the nature of their activity to prodding the users to change their activity. Specifically, she d...
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