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Nancy Schess
Your Most Favorite Electronics
Posted By : Nancy Schess

  I love my iPad – but last month I had to replace my phone and now I am obsessed with my iPhone X.     My son is heading off to college and is emphatically switching from his Mac to a Dell laptop. He is insistent that the programs he will need will work better on a Dell.     He is also longing for a Microsoft Surface tablet. Consequently, a li

Nancy Schess
Happy Anniversary
Posted By : Nancy Schess

  In January 2007, Apple announced that the first iPhone would shortly be released. It has been ten years since Apple’s first smartphone.     Can it only be ten years ago? I was a late convert to iPhone, hanging on to my treasured Blackberry until my office manager literally refused to order me a new one. But the concept of smartphone was, and co

Nancy Schess
There's An App For That
Posted By : Nancy Schess

  I am confident I have written this blog before but it has been a very long time -- and this world changes fast.     I am interested in hearing about your favorite apps. There are a few that are my recent favorites which includ     · Citymapper – this replaced HopStop a little while back and is a great tool for planning trips around the city b

Nancy Schess
A Technology Blog
Posted By : Nancy Schess

I am sure I have written this blog before. In fact, probably two years ago when my phone contract was last up for renewal. It is time for an upgrade and I would genuinely appreciate your opinions. I Phone 6 or 6S Plus? (I have the 5, it’s just too small) Galaxy 5? Note? Wait for the Galaxy 6? OK, I am listening.

Nancy Schess
Is It Time Yet?
Posted By : Nancy Schess

Is it time to download IOS 8? I usually wait for a while before giving in to a new operating system. It took me ages to give in to IOS 7 and when I did, I had very quick regrets. Yes, I got over it with a little time but that leaves me hesitating about accepting the upgrade that stares at me now every time I turn on my phone. Any opinions out ther

Nancy Schess
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